Coach's Summary

Coach Summary 2010 Head of the Occoquan

At the William and Rowing Club’s last regatta of the season the team returned to the Occoquan in Fairfax, VA again with all four squads. Demonstrating the hard work put in by the entire team throughout the season, all squads showed considerable improvement besting many Club divisions and racing against many Varsity programs in the area. The Varsity Men’s squad represented William and Mary with three 8+s and a 4+s. Our most competitive 8+ took on schools such as University of Notre Dame and Ohio State University,


 taking 8th out of 17 from a Virginia Tech boat by 2 seconds. The squad bested other Virginia/D.C. area schools such as University of Richmond, Liberty University, and American University in their heats.

The Varsity Women faced lots of competition from Ohio State University, VCU, and GMU in their heats, but successfully rowed against Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, Liberty, and similar school as the Varsity Men. An 8+ from the Varsity Women’s squad bested many other Club division crews and came in just 8 seconds behind Ohio State University in their heat.

The Novice Men’s squad illustrates considerable improvement and great hopes for the spring season, taking an 8+ and 4+ to the regatta. The 4+ beat Virginia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, and Liberty crews and the 8+ stole 9th place out of 20 from an Ohio State University boat by 4 seconds. On their way, the Novice Men’s 8+ took down crews from George Mason University, Loyola University, and West Virginia University.

Still climbing higher, the Novice Women’s squad represented William and Mary with two 8+s and a 4+. Placing 12th out of 25 crews, one of the 8+s came in just 10 seconds behind GMU and fought hard against the Naval Academy and Georgetown University. The Novice Women 8+ took the advantage over competition such as Ohio State, VCU, and West Virginia University. Not far behind VCU by 5 seconds, the other 8+ made their markon the course as well. The squad’s 4+ had the chance to medal 4th out of 26 other crews, right behind two Georgetown University boats and an 8+ from West Virginia University. On their way, they bested Virginia Tech, Ohio State University, and another Georgetown boat.

All four squads showed considerable competition against other schools and hopes to progress with these types of results into the spring season.

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