2015 SIRA Regatta Preview

The tribe is currently on the road to the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championship Regatta in Oakridge, Tn.  At this national rowing center, they will face fast competition from all over the country in their first major race of the spring season.  This race will be live broadcasted on youtube tomorrow and Saturday.

For a full race schedule, click here.

Novice Men

The novice men have been getting better day after day. They have been practicing with the varsity men three days a week and even the varsity women here and there. They are always looking for another boat to push them during practice and gain that valuable competitive edge.

Novice Men’s 4+

  • C: Caroline Howard
  • 4: Matt Giardiello
  • 3: Peter Kress
  • 2: Reid Fennerty
  • 1: Tristan Kuhn

Their semifinal heat assignments show some new Northern foes.

  1. James  Madison
  2. Central  Florida
  3. Cincinnati
  4. William & Mary
  5. Notre  Dame

They will be battling for position throughout this entire race but are looking to land a top 3 spot to advance to finals later in the day.

Women’s Squad

Novice Women’s 4+

  • C: Tiara Jackson
  • 4: Hannah Bruzzio
  • 3: Abby Williams
  • 2: Katie Clements
  • 1: Emma Derry
Varsity Women’s 4+
  • C: Mairin Haley
  • 4: Jessica Beckett
  • 3: Erin Heald
  • 2: Christine LaRoche
  • 1: Jessie Viss
Womens 2-
  • Charlotte Lynch
  • Jennifer Horowitz
Womens 1x
  • Kalan Brehm

Men’s Squad

Simply put, the Varsity men are ready to go. From day 1 of the fall season we have been pushing to this weekend to get a taste of the first championship race. Both boats have been moving along very well keeping each other competitive day in and day out at practice. Both boats will have some tough competition in each of their races but have the potential to make some remember the Tribe!

Men’s Varsity 4+

  • C: Kylie Ehlers
  • 4: Mark Schreiber
  • 3: Ian Wilkinson
  • 2: Brandon Timbrook
  • 1: Brendan Sawyer

First Heat

  1. Florida  St
  2. Washington  U
  3. Notre  Dame
  4. William & Mary
  5. Liberty
  6. Texas  A&M

A lot of familiar teams in this heat so it’s hard to say who will be fast this year. We should be able to get a top 3 spot which would advance this crew to semifinals later in the day.

Men’s Varsity Light 4+

  • C: Katie Oberg
  • 4: Scott Klein
  • 3: William Plews-Ogan
  • 2: Adam Mullet
  • 1: Marshall Irby

There are not many entries in this race so the first heat will be a semifinal.  The lane assignments are:


  1. James  Madison
  2. Duke
  3. Rollins
  4. High  Point
  5. William & Mary
  6. Florida

Below are some videos from recent practices of this crew.

Rollins and High Point have both had success early in the spring season and look to be the competition in our semi final. Virginia has entered a boat in the light 4 category for the first time and is sure to be fast as well. It should make for a great grand final race.