WBC Needs Two 8+s

WBC needs two 8s for the club right now. The Heidi, a 20 year old boat, was essentially destroyed a few weeks ago in a trailering mishap. The bow might be able to be put back on it, and even if it is, it won’t be usable for anything other than learn to row or recreational rowing. Additionally, the club has recently expanded with a successful Juniors team. WBC is currently using a loaner 8 from a boat manufacturer and borrowing an 8 from W&M Rowing Club right now. The loaner will be returned in mid-May.

There is an opportunity to buy two 10 year old boats at $6000 each asking price. As a new 8 typically sells for over $25,000, we’re looking exclusively at used 8s in good condition. In order to meet this opportunity, WBC will need to fundraise $10,000 this season in order to acquire those boats. If you donate $6000 or more, you’ve essentially bought a boat, and so get the naming rights. There is other incentives as well as, seat names will be placed on the side of the boat to reward significant donations. And of course, all donations are tax deductible!

We understand that the entire membership has limited in disposable income, some members are more limited that others. WBC is asking you to donate what you can, right now, to help us get the boats we desperately need.

Thank you for your consideration of this request, and your support of rowing and our club.

WBC Boat Fund