New Concept 2 Oars

FWR is raising money for new oars! We have purchased 8 new Concept 2 oars for the William & Mary Rowing Club (“WMRC”) which will arrive by the end of April 2015 and provide the team with the best possible oars for the championship portion of the spring season.Concept 2 OarApproximately five of the oars have now been covered by donations from friends and alumni. If you’re interested in buying one of the remaining oars for WMRC, visit the WMRC wish-list to donate. If a full oar isn’t for you, you can donate any amount to WMRC and cover a portion of an oar either online or by mail by designating your donation to WMRC. The new oars will have the secondary benefit of freeing up a set of existing oars that WMRC will give to the Williamsburg Boat Club (“WBC”). WBC will use the existing oars to support adult and juniors rowing programs in Williamsburg.