2014 ACRA Championship Regatta Preview

For the third straight year, WMRC is attending the American Collegiate Rowing Association’s Championship Regatta in Gainesville, GA.  Competing over two days, this regatta will pit the Tribe against other clubs.  Historically, the Tribe has seen much success at this Regatta, medaling 5 times over the past two years.  They will seek to build off this success as they finish out their season.  A schedule can be shown here.  The race will be live broadcasted here.

Novice Women

After returning from Vails, the Novice Women’s 4+ got right into ACRAs training. Classes and extracurriculars were finished, which meant the squad was able to practice twice a day. Since it is May in Williamsburg, it took a few practices to adjust to the heat and humidity.  The four also got used to rowing in the Covin shell, which they are going to be racing in for the first time at ACRAs.   In between practices they squad was able to fit in some squad bonding, including making T-shirts, watching the rowing classic Backwards, and meeting President Reveley. The four put in a lot of hard workthough out  this whole season and are excited for their last race as novices!  Their first heat will be at 9:31AM on Saturday May 24th.  Where they’ll face Chicago, Bryant, UCSB, Grand Valley, Georgia, and rivals Liberty.  They will need to finish in the top 3 in order to guarantee advancing.  Otherwise, they’ll be forced to race in repechages.


Novice Men

The Novice Men will be racing a 4+ at 9:59 AM against Murray St., USC, Emory, Seattle, Michigan St and Vanderbilt.  These men got great racing experience at Dad Vails, advancing past heats as an 8+ against powerhouse crews.

Varsity Women

The Varsity Women will be racing a only a single.  It is hard to predict favorites in this event, as their is a lot of variability in the athlete rowing the boat from year to year.  However, the Tribe has medalled three times in this event.  Hopefully past results predict future results this weekend!  Heats go off at 1:45 PM.  However, with only 6 entries, all the boats will advance to finals.  This first race will only serve to give lane assignments for that final race.  Kate Kalaris was the only member able to race at ACRA.  and has been training for the women’s 1x event.  The boat club has been kind enough to lend her an old vespoli single shell, and she has taken quite well to it.  The last week and a half has been full of 2 a day practices, trying to get as fast as we can.  We are excited to see how the training pays off in Georgia!  Go tribe!

Varsity Men

As the spring season draws to a close we are left with one last regatta, ACRA. Being two weeks after school is over and many going into the workforce or summer jobs, we are left with only 2 varsity men standing: Bryan Monroe and Adam Mullet. With only two rowers we weren’t left with many options, the pair or the double. We rowed a part of a practice in each boat and they ultimately decided to row a double. So we quickly moved into some training singles and got a few days of sculling practice. After the basics we mastered, right into the double they went. It only took a few practices for them to find their rhythm and be locked on with each other. They have been working very hard to be race ready this weekend. As a coach it had been a great experience to see them learn a new skill and develop themselves as rowers. After 17 practices in 10 days, they are ready to go.

Boat: Stan Lewis
Stroke: Adam Mullet
Bow: Bryan Monroe

First Race: Saturday 8:42 am (1-2 to Final, rest to 2 Reps)
Lane 2 – Virginia
Lane 3 – Denver
Lane 4 – UCLA
Lane 5 – Georgia
Lane 6 – William & Mary
Lane 7 – Kansas