Coming up on 10k

Remember what it is like to pull a 10K on the erg? It’s certainly not one of the more enjoyable erg workouts that you can do (is there an enjoyable erg workout?), but it is one with a lot of meaningful milestones. As you watched the meters count down past each 500 meter milestone you knew you were that much closer to being done. How about passing the 9k mark and seeing less than 1k to go? You always knew you had it then, just two more 500s! Well friends, the WMRC Endowment fund also has a lot of milestones and that’s where our endowment fund is. Thanks to some strong donations this spring we just passed the $9k mark and are walking our way to $10k. Help us pass this next major milestone by donating to the WMRC Endowment which will secure the clubs financial future for all the rowers and alumni to come.