2013 October WMRC Spotlight

Graham Ludmer – WMRC Women’s Varsity Coach


Undergrad Institution: Purdue University

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

What does rowing mean to you?: Rowing has made a large impact on my young life, most notably in the area of my attitude towards the challenges life places in front of you.   In any sport an athlete is given a challenge in the form of their sports competition, and in most sports that athlete can take on that challenge internally.  In rowing you are given this same format, but in order to plan for success you are forced to work with others.  The more you embrace this attitude, the quicker you see that its not your success that awaits you at the end of the race course, but success of the program.  The pains you feel, frustrations you go through can be eased with communication and cooperation amongst teammates.  If a crew does this, they will find success not just in the boat but in life and life beyond the walls of their university.  This is also something that I saw in the FWR.  That this programs success does not live with in the gunwales of a boat, but success of this program comes from all corners of this country.  For that I thank the FWR and their wonderful and continual support.

Random Fact: My favorite food is pizza.

Best Rowing Memory: ACRA 2008