WMRC Seat Naming Drive

One of the unique traditions of rowing is the naming of equipment.  Shells, seats and sometimes oars are named after former rowers, coaches and friends of the team.  This tradition not only rewards dedicated benefactors, but serves to remind the oarsmen and women of the program’s rich history.  This resulting pride and inspired sense of tradition helps the rowers push their limits and eek out the extra seconds that decide races.   The rowers are always appreciative of your support!

While all the current shells are named, only a handful of seats bear titles-those in the Montague 4+ that were named for the alumni who purchased the boat. However, there has recently been a new wave of activity.  Recent alumni have banded together and purchased 3 such names in the past year: The Class of 2009 Men’s squad remembered their freshman year with the “2004-2005 Leavitt” 6th seat in the Nathan Walker.  The Dad Vail’s medaling “2007 Lightweight Men” are also commemorated in 7th seat of the same boat. The members of the “Class of 2010” pitched in and celebrated their 5 year anniversary by donating the stroke seat.  That leaves 5 open seats in the men’s top 8 unnamed!

FWR proudly offers the right to purchase seat names for a donation.   Please consider donating yourself or honoring a friend.  As a donor, you will also be given the power to select which seat to name (so long as it is available).  For group donations or corporate matches, please consider contacting our treasurer (treasurer@williamsburgrowing.org).  All donations are tax deductible and the funds will be used in their entirety to support WMRC. Let’s fill out this boat!  Donate today by using the paypal button below!