2015 ACRA Regatta Race Preview

While most college students are already at home sleeping on their parent’s furniture, WMRC rowers are continuing to build for their final race: the American Collegiate Rowing Association’s Championship Regatta.  Hosted on in Gainesville, Ga on May 23rd and 24th, this regatta will feature many club crews from across the nation.  This large event contains seeding, which can be seen here: Seeding ACRA 2015.  WMRC is entering many boats from all squads.  Be sure to keep track of the schedule here.

One Tribe fan who will be following along is President Taylor Reveley, who stopped by the boathouse to wish our outstanding oarsmen and oarswomen good luck!  Race preview from the coaches after the jump.Reveley Visit


C: Tiara Jackson
4: Abby Williams
3: Katie Clements
2: Jennie Horowitz
1: Rachel Plescha

The freshmen boat has been working very hard these last few weeks. We have had the added challenge of bow seat learning to row on port for the first time, just 10 days ago! despite the challenges though, we are really picking up speed and should have a great showing this weekend. We have also increased the length of the freshmen’s start sequence, and are looking to race down the course at a clean and strong 32 spm.

C: Mairin Haley
4: Jessica Beckett
3: Jessie Viss
2: Christine LaRoche
1: Charlotte Lynch

Hungry! Its the best way to describe their mentality. We enter ACRA’s as a chance to prove our speed against every other club in the country. Th seniors in the boat, Jessica & Chrsitine, are focused and determined to go out on the best note possible. We have really pushed these last few weeks to increase our race pace up from a 32 spm (at Vails) to a smooth and strong 34-35 spm. We have added an extra10 high strokes to our start sequence, and are increasing are sprint 30″. All of this in hopes to walk away Sunday with gold, and bring home a national title to WMRC. Tune in and see if we have what it takes, and see if we can hit our goal of 40 spm at the sprint 🙂

Womens 1x
Caroline Howard

Caroline starting rowing with the womens side of the house, after Vails. She was the novice mens top coxswain, but they were unable to field a full boat for ACRA’s. Still wanting to race, she reached out to me and asked about the chance to scull. having a few years experience in high school, she hopped into the single. From day 1 she has had great form, and has improved her performance noticeably every practice. taking the last few days to practice racing a 2k, we have settled on racing at a 27 spm, after she pulls off a strong start and 20 stroke high count.

I am very proud of the Freshmen boat and single. They have shown up and worked hard every practice, and their technique and physical ability is noticeably improving every day because of it. Hopefully this weekend will show us that we have worked hard enough, and all of it was worth the struggle.

In the V. Womens 4+ With the exception of bow seat, Charlotte, this race symbolizes 3 years of hard work, dedication, pain, and commitment to this club. I truly can not put into words how excited I am to see them come charging down the course. it is truly going to be an emotional and moving sight.

Varsity Men
After a successful spring season rowing in 4s, the mens squad has decided to hop back into the Nathan Walker to see how they match up against the best 8s in the country. After coming back from Philadelphia and the last few days of exams, two-a-days began with very focused strokes. The first practice was a bit shaky after not touching an eight since spring break, but with a few lineup changes they quickly found their rhythm. Moving Adam Mullet, Senior/Mens Captain, up to the helm of stroke seat proved to be the jolt the men needed to get the boat moving fast.

Shell: Nathan Walker
Cox: Katie Oberg (Jr)
8: Adam Mullet (Sr)
7: William Plews-Ogan (Sr)
6: Mark Schreiber (Soph)
5: Marshall Irby (Sr)
4: Scott Klein (Sr)
3: Logan Ferrell (Sr)
2: Brandon Timbrook (Soph)
1: Tristan Kuhn (Fr)

This lineup is a mix of the entire men;s squad. Having not rowed a Varsity 8 at any Championship Regatta this spring, the preliminary seedings have us pretty low in the ranking. With the speed we have been showing that last few practices, they V8 is looking to climb the rankings very quickly. The Varsity 8 will have a tough first heat with #1 Michigan, #8 Boston College and #9 UNC. If the don’t make the first cut they will have a chance at a Rep to get back into Semi Finals. Regardless of outcome it will be an exciting weekend of racing and a true test for the end of the 2014-2015 season.