Race Preview: Head of the Charles Regatta

While most alumni are heading back to the ‘burg to enjoy some football, William and Mary Rowing is sending three boats to the largest and arguably most prestigious regatta in the country. They will share the Charles River with Ivy-League powerhouses, rowing celebrities, and even some national teams!

This regatta is very exclusive, earning a spot in the regatta is partially based on past results. These three berths are a result of past success. In order to secure a spot for future years, boats need to finish within a certain margin of the lead crews. As such, WMRC is facing the best of the best. Yet, the bar is still high as the Women’s 4+ won medals 6 years ago at this regatta!

Varsity Men

The Men’s Varsity squad has dealt with rough weather this past week, but are still prepped to make some noises on the Chuck! They have two entries: a Club 4+ and a Club 8+. There is no overlap in line-ups. That means that twelve different Tribe oarsmen and two coxswains will race on this world stage! This deep team pushed themselves in practice on the Chickahominy River daily (as seen in the videos above). That work will be on display for Saturday afternoon- the 4+ at 1:18PM, the 8+ at 2:07PM. Live streams are available at HOSR.org

Mens Club 4 – 1:18pm
Cox – Katie Oberg
4 – Scott Klein
3 – Marshall Irby
2 – Adam Mullet
1 – William Plews-Ogan

Mens Club 8 – 2:07pm
Cox – Nic Querolo
8 – Julian Iriarte
7 – Mark Schreiber
6 – Marty Baughman
5 – Ian Wilkinson
4 – Brandon Timbrook
3 – Logan Ferrell
2 – Brendan Sawyer
1 – Josh Bohn