2014 Head of the Hooch Race Preview

WMRC is on their way to beautiful Chattanooga, TN to compete in the Head of the Chattahoochee Regatta. This head race, lasting 3.1 miles on the Tennessee River, is the premiere fall race down South and the last of the great fall regattas (Charles, Schulykill, Hooch) before winter training kicks in. Boasted as one of the world’s largest regattas, clubs from the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, South, Canada and even Australia will all be vying for medal.

Novice Men: 

The Novice Men are coming off a strong showing from last weeks’ Chick Chase regatta, winning their respective races. The dedication that the squad as whole continues demonstrate is outstanding, and last week’s results are a testament to their work ethic and a strong quad cohesion.  Leading into the Hooch, the crew has had a strong week of practice.  The novice men had their second squad wide 5k erg test on Tuesdayafternoon, and every single member of the squad achieved a personal best time, with several oarsmen dropping minutes from their previous test scores.  Coach Kevin Moran is excited that his squad is approaching this weekend with optimism and renewed determination, as they aim to improve every week, leading up to Head of the South before winter training begins.
Men’s Novice 8+
Cox: Caroline H.
Stroke : Matt G.
7: Ed L.
6: Bennett H.
5: Peter K.
4: Jeff L.
3: Jorge P.
2: James R.
1:  Nick D.

Novice Women:

Last week the Novice Women had their first home race (Chick Chase) and the Tribe novices rowed two 5ks against other local squads. In the Women’s Novice 8+ event, the VCU squads (two novice women’s boats!) walked away from our eight with a narrow victory, with UMW trailing both the Rams and the Tribe. The women brought it back in our our later 4+ race against VCU’s top novice 4, with the WM A 4+ boat winning by several boatlengths! Coach Matt Scott hopes to bring lessons learned from our home scrimmage to a bigger arena this weekend at Chattanooga.

We are facing 54 other Novice Women Club crews in our Saturday race at 3:31PM, so this will be the biggest event to date that this crew has seen. We hope to come out of it with an appreciation for how to react at a big event, and race our best time so far this year. With 9 rowers and 2 full time coxswains on our squad, the novice women have a good chance at being competitive in both 8 and 4 races in the upcoming spring season! The women will again be rowing on Sunday at 12:33PM in the Open Women’s event. This will add valuable race experience to the young oarswomen as they face well-seasoned competitors.

Lineup for the Hooch (Collegiate Novice 8+ on Saturday, Women’s Open 8+ on Sunday)

Coxes: CeCe Hess (Sat), Hailey Bowler (Sun)
8: Hannah Bruzzio
7: Karri Williams
6: Katie Clements
5: Emma Derry
4: Junghee Mun
3: Christen Jackson
2: Sarah Belay
1: Cecilia Thomas

Varsity Women:

The Varsity Women will have a busy weekend, with oarswomen competing in three events: the Women’s Club 8, Women’s Club 4 and the Mixed Open 8. The women are coming off of a very competitive race at the Charles and are looking to improve upon that result. The Women’s Club 8 on Saturday starts early at 9:30 AM . The tribe will split up some of those rowers to enter two club 4s later that day at 2:10PM. After rowing 10k+ meters on Saturday, those rowers will comprise half of the mixed open boats with the men’s squad.

Women’s College and Club 8+
Cox: Mairin
8: Christine L.
7: Erin H.
6: Jessica B.
5: Jessie V.
4: Erin B.
3: Jennie H.
2: Camila F.
1: Charlotte L.

Women’s Club 4+ B
Cox: Tiara
4: Jessica B.
3: Jessie V.
4: Erin B.
3: Christine L.

Women’s Club 4+ A
Cox: Kylie E.
4: Erin H.
3: Charlotte L.
2: Lauren P.
1: Jennie H.

On Sunday in the Mixed Open 8+ boats are Seniors vs.Juniors. The Seniors will be: Coxswain Tiara and rowers Christine L., Jessica B., Erin B., and Lauren P. In the other Junior boat will be Coxswain Mairin, and oarswomen Jessie, Camila, Erin H. and Charlotte L.

Varsity Men:
This weekend the Varsity Men are traveling to Chattanooga with a Men’s Club 8 and Men’s Club 4 entry. With classes coming to a close soon a few men of elected to stay behind and stay on top of their grades. This past week we have been changing around some personnel to field the most competitive boats possible. Last year the men finished 3rd in the Men’s Club 4 category. This year they are starting second and will be chasing Clemson (2nd place in 2013) and looking to hold off Texas, UNC and newcomer Michigan. In the Club 8 event, the men are looking to improve upon the 2013 8th place finish. This year they will be 5th through the starting gate trying to stay ahead of the competition of Purdue, UNC, Michigan, and Texas.
On Sunday, the varsity men and women will be participating in mixed 8 racing. Every year the Seniors vs Juniors rivalry begins from day 1 all leading up to that moment. Last year the Seniors won the bragging rights with a 2nd place finish. This year the Seniors will look to stay on top as they will be starting in the 2nd position chasing down Lincoln Park Boat Club (1st in 2013).

Mens Club 4
Cox: Katie O. (Jr.)
4: Scott K. (Sr.)
3: Marshall I. (Sr.)
2: Adam M. (Sr.)
1: Will P.O. (Sr.)

Mens Club 8
Cox: Marissa K (So.)
8: Scott K (Sr.)
7: Marshall I (Sr.)
6: Adam M (Sr.)
5: Will PO (Sr.)
4: Brandon T (So.)
3: Ian W (So.)
2: Julian I (So.)
1: Brendan S (So.)