Coach's Summary

Coach Summary 2006 Dad Vail

The Tribe rowers ended the 2006 spring sprint season with a bang! Four boats competed in this highly competitive race, and each of them did amazingly well. The Varsity men’s eight placed fifth in their first race, and received a time of 6:30.78. The varsity women’s four placed third with a time 7:50.22. The novice men’s eight got 3rd in their first race, which qualified them to go to the semi-finals, where they got 5 th place and a time of6:39.6. The novice women’s eight got first place in their first race, second in their semi-finals, which qualified them to go on to Grand Finals, where they got 6 th place overall, and a time of 7:50.22. Way to go everyone for a great season!

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