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2014 Occoquan Sprints Regatta Preview

After last week’s scrimmage in Richmond and spring break pieces against Fordham, the Tribe’s racing spring season officially begins on Sunday! The Tribe will travel to their second home, the Occoquan reservoir in Fairfax, VA, for the 2014 Occoquan Sprints. Here they will face crews from across the Mid-Atlantic region, including powerhouses George Washington and Navy. WMRC will also see familiar rivals from VCU, Virginia Tech, Liberty and George Mason.


Novice Men:

The novice men are attempting to soak in as much racing experience as possible this spring and will have three boats entered. At 10:14AM, the novice men’s 8+ will race against Liberty, Navy, UNC, West Virginia and Duquesne in a qualifying heat. The top 3 finishers from that heat will advance to the “grand final” at 2:03PM and the bottom three will race in the “petite final” at 1:49PM. The men will also be entering two separate 4+ crews to compete, with some members from the 8+ double rowing in the 4+s to make numbers work. There are 24 crews entered in this event, but due to time constraints the boats were placed into four different “finals.” One boat races at 11:59AM and will face Susquehanna, UMBC, UNC-Wilmington, VCU and St. Mary’s College. The other rows against ODU, JMU, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke and Maryland at 12:13PM. This will be a great test for the Tribe’s novice rowers-allowing them to see how they stack up against other crews and helping acquaint themselves with the demands of 2,000 meter racing!

Novice Men’s 8+
Boat: Nathan Walker
Cox: Marissa Kleiman
S: Julian Iriarte
7: Arjun Nandra
6: Mark Schreiber
5: Jake Hutner
4: Nick Jonsson
3: Ian Wilkinson
2: Patrick Martin
B: Brendan Sawyer


Novice Men’s 4+ (A)
Boat: Mary Lewis
Cox: Marissa Kleiman
S: Mark Schreiber
3: Marty Baughman
2: Arjun Nandra
B: Brandon Timbrook


Novice Men’s 4+ (B)
Boat: Travis Moore
Cox: Kylie Ehlers
S: Julian Iriarte
3: Jake Hutner
2: Brendan Sawyer
B: Ian Wilkinson


Novice Women:

Likewise, there will be a lot of excitement and anticipation for the novice women to participate in their first official regatta. The novice women will enter a 4+ to race at 11:45AM against UNC-Wilmington, St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Catholic and VCU. Unfortunately due to constraints, this will be the only race of the day, as the 18 crews entered in this category are racing in straight finals, without qualifying heats.

Varsity Womens 4+ “A”
C: Amanda Williams
4: Katherine Peck
3: Catherine Smiley
2: Katelyn Reimer
1: Gabby Negus


Varsity Men:

The varsity men are entering an open-weight 4+ and a lightweight 4+ in Sunday’s race. The lightweights race a 1:14PM in a final against Loyala, Mason, Liberty and two VCU crews. The heavy’s race 7 minutes later in a final against Loyola, Duke, GMU and Richmond.

Varsity Men 4+
C: Katie Oberg
4: Danny Otto
3: Chris Stephens
2: Adam Mullet
1: David Barnisin


Varsity Men Lwt 4+
C: Lauren Piulson
4: Bryan Monroe
3: Connor Kee
2: Scott Klein
1: Marshall Irby


Varsity Women:

The varsity women are entering two 4+ and a 2- in Sunday’s race. The classification “2-” refers to a pair, or a boat with two rowers “minus” a coxswain. Smaller boats like this pair tend to be more technically demanding, as the dimensions of the boats amplify the tiniest imperfections in timing and oar placement. Additionally, in these races the bow-seated rower is responsible for steering, adding an extra element to the competition. The pair final is at 11:24AM and will feature Maryland, St. John’s, Catholic, Loyola, Liberty and WMRC. Both 4+ (four plus a coxswain) crews are in the same heat. They will face each other, Richmond, VCU, Christopher Newport and Liberty at 1:00PM. One interesting point is that the second 4+ will contain a combination of both varsity and novice women rowers. This will help maximize racing experience for girls on both squads. The two rowers from the pair will be challenged that day, doubling up to race in both events!

Varsity Womens 4+ “A”
C: Mairin Haley
4: Erin Brown
3: Jessie Viss
2: Jessica Beckett
1: Kate Kalaris

Varsity Womens 4+ “B”
4: Christine Laroche
3: Kalan Brehm
2: Camila Fishtahler
1: Anya Voloshin

Varsity Womens 2-
2: Christine Laroche
1: Camila Fishtahler