2014 February Alumni Spotlight

Beth Magill ’061512857_10100293955657377_1733667124_n

Current Location: Austin, Texas

Current Job: Campus MInister to the Episcopal Student Center community at the University of Texas, Austin

What Rowing Means to You: The W&M Rowing team was the most formative experience I had in college. I learned more about my own inner strengths, passions, and teamwork than I deserved. Likewise, the friendships I formed during those years are still the ones that sustain me to this day. Simply put, I stay involved with FWR because of the people. I hope that those currently on the team might have an experience similar in impact to that which I experienced. I’m delighted to be involved in FWR to do whatever little bit I can to make that possible.

Best Rowing Memory: Best rowing memory by far: being in 6th place off the line in the grand final of the Women’s Varsity 4+ at SIRAS in 2005, and walking through all other crews to win the race. The strength and teamwork of that team is still untouchable to this day in my life. Also, the countless road trips were ridiculous and can still make me laugh out loud totally out of the blue!