2013 July Alumni Spotlight

T.J. Wallin ’10 – FWR Vice President

312705_759034072547_2003001798_nCurrent Location: Ithaca, NY

Current Job: PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University

Why are you involved in FWR?: My involvement in FWR grew out of my time with WMRC both as a rower and member of the team’s executive board.  Throughout their history, WMRC has done more with less, often beating bigger and wealthier schools despite sometimes being at a competitive disadvantage.  I’m immensely proud of the program and want to help empower the team and the rowers so they go to the start line with the best possible chance to win.

Best Rowing Memory: Hearing the cheers from the grandstands when we pulled into the medal dock at Vails.  I still get chills thinking about that race.