Year-end Endowment Update – 2016

2016 was a good year for the WMRC Endowment! Thanks to our generous donors throughout the year and in particular, the donors that contributed to the 50/50 campaign, we received over $7,500 in endowment donations! That plus a 9.5% return on our investments during 2016 helped put us at approximately $21,500 at year-end! However, this is still $3,500 short of our $25,000 goal as part of the 50/50 campaign, so if you have been meaning to make your 50/50 campaign donation, it isn’t too late. Just visit our 50/50 campaign page and donate today.

Ultimately, we expect the WMRC Endowment will be able to distribute 5% annually to support WMRC. Based on our current balance, the Endowment would distribute approximately $1,075 per year. That could buy us a new model D erg, two new cox boxes, or three new concept II oars, just to name a few options!