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WMRC’s Newest 8+, the “Lucky Liesl ‘09”

Thanks to WMRC and FWR’s many alumni, parents and friends, we are fortunate enough to have purchased a brand new King 8+, the “Lucky Liesl ‘09”! The Lucky Liesl will take to the water for her first race on April 2, 2017 during the Occoquan Sprints.

The Lucky Liesl ’09 being unwrapped in the Tack Family Boathouse for the first time.

Funds for a down-payment on the new boat were raised through the recent WMRC 50/50 Campaign and both the boat and the seats in it are being named after some of the supporters who made this possible. The Lucky Liesl ’09 is being named for Liesl Voges, a WMRC coxswain who graduated in 2009 and has been an amazingly supportive alumna ever since. We are excited to recognize Liesl by naming the new boat after her and look forward to all the medals that the Lucky Liesl ’09 will bring home for WMRC!

The Voges family, pictured above, were generous supporters of the 2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign and surprised Liesl with boat naming rights for her 30th birthday.

Name of the new King 8+ – Lucky Liesl ’09
Seat Names
Cox – Jenn Hatch ’09
8 – Mark Miller ’08
7 – JT Blau ’08
6 – Victoria Dyer Malyovanny ’04
5 – Matt Fiordaliso ’04
4 – Jessica Beckett ’15
3 – Marshall Irby ’15
2 – Katie Oberg ’16
1 – Emma Cleary ’16

We wish there were more seats to acknowledge and celebrate all of our donors, but fortunately the full list of donors can be found at our WMRC 50/50 Campaign page. Check out the list for yourself and give each donor a personal ‘thank you’ the next time you see them!