One Tribe One Day 2019

William & Mary celebrated the sixth annual One Tribe One Day (“OTOD”) on April 16, 2019 and surpassed all previous records made on the university’s single biggest day of giving. An impressive 13,144 donors made a gift on OTOD with nearly $2.5 million raised to support the College.

W&M Club Rowing participated in OTOD and advocated that donors contributed to the 2528 designation that directs donations to W&M Club Rowing.  Thanks to the support of 89 donors, we raised over $12,000 for W&M Club Rowing!  This was a 32% increase in the total amount raised compared to 2018’s OTOD.  This also continues our growth from 2017 as recapped below.

  • 2019 – $12,077 from 89 donors
  • 2018 – $9,850 from 142 donors
  • 2017 – $9,140 from 170 donors

Donations to W&M Club Rowing came from all types of people, including W&M Club Rowing alumni, College alumni, parents, brothers, sisters, and more.  Our donations also ranged from as little as $4 to as much as $5,000.  Some alumni even chose to donate their graduation year (e.g. $20.12 from a 2012 alumna).  No matter the amount, each contribution was a huge boost to the team and will help propel W&M Club Rowing onto even greater future success.  Thanks again to each and every donor for your support!!!

For more information on One Tribe One Day 2018, review the College’s article recapping OTOD.