March Alumni Spotlight

Sean Koebley ’08

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I currently work in Williamsburg as a Ph.d. student following three years teaching middle school math in inner city Boston and DC. Back in the ‘burg, I work in the Nanomaterials and Imaging Lab studying the nanoscale features of spider silk.

While I don’t get out on the water as much as I’d like, rowing continues to pervade my life in unexpected ways. Somehow, I still find spandex in the back of my drawers. Some mornings, when themiasma of Williamsburg swamp vapor is pierced by a sprawling pink sunrise, it takes me back to those transcendent, brilliant practices out on the Chick. And luckily, I’m still able to waste time with good rowing friends, whom I still count among those dearest to me.

After all the sweat, passion, and time (oh, so much time) that I dedicated to this infernal sport, it’s impossible that rowing will ever cease to be a part of me.