Coaches Oars

The Concept 2 oars purchased last year for WMRC have been branded as the “Coaches Oars” and named after eight previous coaches who have made an impact on WMRC. This is by no means a comprehensive list given the limited number of oars compared to the large number of fantastic coaches WMRC has enjoyed. Instead, these coaches were chosen by the donors who purchased the oars as a tribute to the coaches who had led brought them through countless water practices, erg pieces and regattas. The list of coaches includes:

  • Nathan Walker
  • Travis Hall
  • Rob Montague
  • Matt Courtin
  • Alia Reese
  • Tom Martell
  • Heidi Martell
  • Dr. Charles Ehrlich

One of the former coaches, Nathan Walker, had the opportunity to visit a practice last week and was kind enough to pose with his oar.Nathan Walker Oar Pic