2022 One Tribe One Day

Every year, W&M does a One Tribe One Day (OTOD) fundraising campaign on a single day, this year it will be next Tuesday on April 12th. Over the past 5 years we have averaged fundraising over $13,800 for the rowing club in just 24 hours! This year we plan to continue that momentum and demonstrate the vast outreach of William & Mary Club Rowing.

But this year is a little different. The club has a very specific need: for wake-less coaching launches. This will help improve safety and efficiency during practices. The total cost for one launch, motor, trailer, and delivery is just shy of $20,000. The great news is that Linda Knight and W&M Rec Sports have pledged to provide half that cost if we can raise the other half. So our 2022 OTOD goal is to raise $10,000 in 24 hours!

In order to hit our goal, we have two requests. Please consider a donation of any size if you are able (even $5 can make a difference), and we also ask you to connect with classmates, friends, family members, etc. to explain the current needs of the team and encourage them to contribute if they can. As with previous years, we are really counting on each of you to make personal appeals to class members and friends. Additionally, W&M has provided social media images to share through Facebook, twitter, etc. This is an easy way to spread the message and be involved.

***Remember, only donations on April 12th count toward the campaign.
And make sure you indicate your donation to go to the Rowing Club (2528)***

Thank you in advance for your help!