2016 SIRA Regatta Race Preview

The Tribe have taken Tennessee by storm and look to demonstrate their speed at the South’s premiere regatta, SIRA.  On a world class course in Oak Ridge, WMRC will face powerhouses from all over the country and look to walk away with some hardware on Sunday.  A full schedule is available here.

This year, SIRAs will have a different format.  In order to accommodate the large amount of entries and to protect fast crews from “heats of death,” which eliminate medal worthy crews from unreasonably stacked prelims, the regatta is now doing Time Trials.  Much like head races, the crews will face off against the clock as boats will launch on staggered time intervals.  It takes a disciplined and driven crew to maximize effort when there isn’t a crew right next to them.  Luckily, WMRC is full of such athletes and the boat line ups are shown below.

Emma Cleary
Erin Besieker
Abby Williams
Liz Strauss
Peyton Weber
Hannah Bruzzio
Natalie white
Katie Clements
Emma Derry

Katie Oberg
Will Emmons
Mark Schreiber
Brandon Timbrook
Marshall Irby

Nathan Setka
Matt Zachary
Oliver stayrook
Harrison Spurzem
Tim Chen

Bethany Oberg
Giancarlo Racanelli
Ryan Johnstone
Josh sacks
Kevin Antonovich

Men’s 2-
Brandon Sawyer
Tristan Kuhn

Men’s 1x
Will Meeker

Womens Novice 8+
Catalina Layton
Mollie Gaines
Mariah Vaughn
Elizabeth (Izzy) Owens
Anne Katherine Burns
Rebecca Youngerman
Lindsey Washington
Emily Bramhall
Holly Funkhouser