2016 Occoquan Sprints Race Preview

The Tribe kicks off their Spring racing season tomorrow in Fairfax Station, VA.   They will face other Mid-Atlantic Crews and conference rivals in a 2000m race.  This race will be a harbinger of the sprint season.  Schedule and live results are available here.

Men’s Squad

The oarsmen will be entering a Freshman 8+, a Varsity Lightweight 4+ and 2 Varsity Men’s 4+.

“The men’s team has been working as a one big squad from day 1.  The words novice or varsity rarely spoken.  Just a group of 20 guys pushing each other day in and day out fighting for seats in the fastest boats they can make.  With eyes set on squad success at larger championship regattas, this weekend will give everyone the opportunity to see the speed they have early in the season.  With only a few seniors, we have a young group eager to show what they are made of.  Even with a few absences this weekend,  we should still have some speed from the novice men rowing up in varsity categories.”-Head Coach Jason Mitchell
Varsity Mens 4 A
C: Katie Oberg
4: Will Emmons
3: Mark Schreiber
2: Will Meeker
1: Marshall Irby
Varsity Mens 4 B
C: Josh Moody**
4: Brandon Timbrook
3: Matthew Zachary**
2: Marc Fussel
1: Josh Sacks**
Varsity LWT 4
C: Bethany Oberg**
4: Brendan Sawyer
3: Giancarlo Racanelli**
2: Ryan Johnstone**
1: Tristan Kuhn
Mens Novice 8
C: Bethany Oberg
8: Matthew Zachary
7: Giancarlo Racanelli
6: Harrison Spurzem
5: Oliver Stayrook
4: Davis Gold
3: Josh Sacks
2: Kevin Antonevich
1: Tim Chen
** Indicates Novice
Women’s Squad
The novice squad will be racing in the Freshman 8+.  The varsity women are entering 2 boats: a Varsity Women 8+, and a Varsity Womens 4+.  The line ups are listed below.
C:Emma Cleary
8: Erin Bieseker
7: Abby Williams

6: Liz Strauss

5: Peyton Weber
4: Hannah Bruzzio
3: Natalie White
2: Katie Clements
1: Emma Derry
C: Annie Blackwell
4: Sophie Higgerson
3: Hayley Burton
2: Emily Bramhall
1: Ranjani Parthasarathy
“It’s pretty incredible what one group of athletes is capable of accomplishing.  In just a few months, the novice and varsity women have shown a true determination throughout winter and into spring.    All of them are very responsible about prioritizing crew, and keeping a great attendance record.  At practice they push each other on the water, knowing in the end we are all getting better for it. And on the tough days on the erg, you could always hear someone cheering someone else on.  It has been electric!  Keep your finger crossed for the weekend.  I expect big things!  :)”
-Women’s Coach Graham Ludmer