2015 Homecoming Recap!

This past weekend thousands of faithful sons and daughters of the College trekked back to Williamsburg for homecoming. Before the Tribe dominated Hampton on the gridiron, rowers young and old met next to Busch Field to tailgate. With speakers blasting music and an enthusiastic crowd, FWR members chipped in to help prepare food and drinks for current and past oarsmen. The amazing atmosphere led to some cross-generational mingling that left the young students with a sense of tradition and reassured the returning alumni that their beloved WMRC was in good hands.  Throwback “Power and Water” shirts were even available for sale (and still are online).

Many thanks to all those involved in the organization-it was a fantastic event on all accounts. Please mark your calendars for 2016 as we will continue this fledgling tradition.

Go Tribe, and Hark upon the Gale!