2014 January Alumni Spotlight

Amelia Hunter (Ebel) ’081479470_10100286726344977_1783577713_n

Current Location: Ashburn, VA

Current Job: 1st grade teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools

Why I’m Involved in FWR: I miss rowing a lot, from being out on the river to the people I spent most of my time with. Some of the best friends I have to this day I made on the team. But it’s harder now to see everyone, whether they live a couple hours away or across the Atlantic. Life can get in the way. Everyone loses touch with some people post-graduation, but FWR helps alumni keep in touch. The annual meeting is the perfect excuse to make a trip to Williamsburg and see friends. And going to see a race always reminds me of how much I loved my years on the team…minus the whole erg thing.

Random Fact/Best Rowing Memory: When I was a coxswain for the novice boys, I used to read Dr. Seuss in the boat during long pieces with a consistent stroke rate. Now, every year during Read Across America week, when I read Oh the Places You’ll Go to my 1st graders, I think of those guys and tell my students how even adults enjoy Dr. Seuss sometimes. 🙂