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2013 Rocketts Landing Regatta Preview

Rockett’s Landing is a sprint regatta in Richmond, VA.  Its participants are all Virginia club programs: Christopher Newport, George Mason, James Madison, Old Dominion, Richmond, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth and William and Mary.  Against similarly funded and sized programs, WMRC should have a successful day. The venue is spectacular for spectators as it offers an unobstructed view of the finish line.  However, it is not an ideal course on the water as there is a large dogleg, narrow lanes, and sometimes stiff winds.  These sources of adversity should serve as an educational experience for WMRC.

The close proximity to Williamsburg and ability to row in “alumni events” makes this regatta very popular among Friends.  For this reason, the Annual General Meeting will be held after.

Novice Women:

Fresh off an undefeated scrimmage against Fordham, the Novice Women are anxious to race.  The squad is entering both an eight and four.  The eight will be the first race of the day at 10:30AM.  Other entries in this event include: JMU, VCU, VT, and CNU.  Some rowers from the eight will also race an hour later in the four.  There, they will face VCU and UR.  Traditionally, WM’s female team has been very successful against these foes.  We hope the trend continues.

Women’s Novice 8 
Coxswain: Mairin Haley
8: Claire Goydan
7: Jessie Viss
6: Kate Mott
5: Kelsey Mix
4: Arielle Galston
3: Camila Fishtahler
2: Lauren Piulson
Bow: Alex Coffey

Women’s Novice 4

Novice Men:

Like the Novice Women, the Novice Men are coming off an undefeated duel against Fordham.  However, unlike the women, the men are entering two separate fours in the Novice event.  The will face VCU, JMU, GMU and VT at 11:45AM.  GMU has historically been the fastest men’s club program in Virginia.  They will be a great barometer for the Novice Men.
Later at 1:30 PM, the Novice will face a tougher test when they combine as an eight to race against more experienced Varsity squads. As their second race of the day, this will be a great learning experience for these young rowers preparing them for their futures as Varsity oarsmen. Unfortunately, injuries have caused some changes from their previous line up during the Fordham duel.

Men’s Novice 4A
Cox: Katie Oberg ’16
Stroke: Scott Klein ’15
3: Marshall Irby ’16
2: Jack Bramley ’15
Bow: Will Plews-Ogan ’15

Men’s Novice 4B
Cox: Nic Querlo ’16
Stroke: Adam Mullet ’15
3: Martin Liu ’16
2: David Heras ’14
Bow: Jamal Usmani ’16

Men’s Varsity 8 (Novice Rowers)
Cox: Katie Oberg ’16
Stroke: Marshall Irby ’16
7: Adam Mullet ’15
6: Will Plews-Ogan ’15
5: Scott Klein ’15
4: Martin Liu ’16
3: Jack Bramley ’15
2: Jamal Usmani ’16
Bow: David Heras ’14

Varsity Women:

The squad is entering an eight and two fours, with each rower doubling up and racing both events.  This will help prepare the women for championship regatta season, where it’s not uncommon to race four times in two days.  There will also be some level of inter-squad rivalry, as the stern four of the eight is racing the bow four (also VCU, UR, VT and two JMU boats) at 11:00 AM.  The later eight race will feature VCU, VT and WM at 1:45 PM.  Unfortunately, Emma Rudebusch will not be racing as injuries have delayed the start of her spring racing.

Women’s Varsity 8
Cox: Cathy Merrit
Stroke: Ashley Koontz
7: Christine Laroche
6: Erin Brown
5: Tiara Jackson
4: Jessica Beckett
3: Kate Nolan
2: Kalan Brehm
Bow: Kate Kalaris

Women’s Varsity 4A
Cox: Cathy Merrit
Stroke: Ashley Koontz
3: Christine Laroche
2: Erin Brown
Bow: Tiara Jackson

Women’s Varsity 4B
Cox: Charlotte Dobry
Stroke: Jessica Beckett
3: Kate Nolan
2: Kalan Brehm
Bow: Kate Kalaris

Varsity Men:

The men will be rowing entering a pair of eights in the Varsity Men’s 8. However, one of these eights will be the Novice rowing up against more experienced competition (see line up above). Here, the Tribe will row against two GMU boats, VCU and VT at 1:30 PM.  Historically, GMU has been very successful at the Varsity Men’s level.  WMRC hasn’t beaten the Patriots in the better part of the decade and will be pulling for that victory.  The Tribe varsity 8 will again be comprised exclusively lightweight rowers, though the line up is different from the Fordham race. Most notably, Logan Ferrell was added to the bow, and Ryan Fliss has been switched to stroke.  Without the presence of a lightweight event, these rowers are forced to compete with a chip on their shoulder against heavier counterparts from other programs.  It is not unprecedented for lightweights to keep up with and beat heavies, but that is usually not the case.  At larger regattas, they will have dedicated lightweight events and will be on a more level playing field.

Additionally, the Varsity Men are entering a 4+.  This boat will race crews from GMU, JMU, VCU, UR, and VT at 11:15 AM.

Men’s Varsity 8 (Lightweights)
Cox: Olivia Walton
8: Ryan Fliss (Sr)
7: Connor Kee (Jr)
6: Bryan Monroe (Jr)
5: Jamie Lewis (Sr)
4: Alex Sullivan (Sr)
3: Connor Finch (Sr)
2: Matt Everett (Jr)
Bow: Logan Ferrell (So)

Men’s Varsity 4
Cox: Emma Cleary (Fr)
Stroke: Danny Otto (Jr)
3: David Barnisin (Jr)
2: David Wasserstein (Jr)
Bow: Chris Stephens (Jr)