2013 December Alumni Spotlight

Mark Miller ’08 – FWR President1243959_10100229281225457_1479000990_o

Current Location: Washington, DC

What Does Rowing Mean to You?: Rowing, to me, is synonymous with family. What better word to describe the group of people who you spend almost every waking moment with through your college career?  Through the many early morning practices, long erg pieces, training trips, team dinners, regattas, work weekends, and general shenanigans, it’s hard to feel like the rowing team is anything but a family.  We laugh together, cry together, complain together, reminisce together, and at the end of the day we’d do most anything for each other.  So, for me, I’m glad I was a part of the rowing team and, in turn, be a part of the rowing family.

Best Rowing Memory: One of the best rowing memories I have is coming in 3rd place at Dad Vails my junior year.  Since the beginning Vails was the race, and being able to row up to the medal dock after the finals was definitely a dream come true.