2013 August Alumni Spotlight


Liesl Voges ’09 – FWR Secretary

Current Location: Tampa, FL

Current Job: Graduated in May with a joint JD/Masters in Planning from FSU and took the GA Bar at the end of July. Currently looking for employment on the northeast coast!

Why are you involved in FWR?: Crew has continued to be a part of my life post-W&M. Besides becoming involved with FWR, I have continued coxing for a masters team in Tallahassee. As crew has had such an impact on my life, starting as a freshman in high school, I want to ensure that future generations of W&M students have the opportunity to gain that experience. Being a part of FWR allows me to give back to the team as well as keep in touch with WMRC alumni.


Best Thing about Rowing: COXING! I have been a coxswain for 12 years and absolutely love it! It gave me confidence and the ability to work under pressure which has impacted every other area of my life. Crew isthe most beautiful team sport and there is nothing I would rather do than wake up early on a Saturday morning for either a leisurely practice on the lake or a day of competitive racing!