WMRC 50/50 Campaign – 2017

Can you guess how old the current WMRC fleet is? Most boats range between the 10-15 year old range. While we love each and every boat, this will negatively impact the team in upcoming years. The team has launched their 2017 50/50 campaign in order to raise money for a new boat. Donations to the team will be split between a fund for new boats and the WMRC Endowment Fund, serving their short-term needs while ensuring the longevity of the club. The 2017 goal is to raise $25,000 including $12,500 for a new King 8+ and $12,500 to contribute to the endowment.

Why should YOU donate? Even though you do not go out on the water everyday like you did at William and Mary, this is an opportunity for you to support current rowers and provide future stability for hundreds of students to come. In 2016 with this campaign, we were able to raise enough for this new King 8+ for the Women’s team. Let’s do it again for the Men’s team!


Download the 2017 50-50 Campaign Letter to read more about the campaign!

WMRC has offered the following thank you gifts for their most supportive alumni, friends, and family.  We hope that you will reflect on the many fond memories you have of WMRC, Williamsburg, and the Chickahominy and consider donating.  Any gift, no matter how big or small, will help advance the program and is much appreciated.

To make a donation online, please use the boxes below and make a secure donation through PayPal using a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.


PayPal Account holders – If you have a PayPal account there will be a login option in the window that opens.

No PayPal Account – No problem, click ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ at the bottom of the window that opens to use a major credit or debit card.


Thank you to everyone who has supported this year’s 50/50 Campaign so far.  Make your donation today in order to join these supporters in making the 2017 50/50 Campaign a success!

  • Marshall Irby ’15
  • JT Blau ’08
  • Beth Sala Covin ’83
  • Tiara Jackson ’15
  • Paula Kelliher Antonevich
  • Katie Oberg ’16
  • Eileen Wallace and Jim Benbow
  • Michael James
  • Bill and Sally Hazard
  • Emmett Duffy and Elizabeth Ann Canuel
  • Scott Oudkirk
  • Kelly & Cindy Crace
  • Deborah Cohen ’90
  • Jessica Beckett ’15
  • Catherine O’Hara
  • David Wilson ’10
  • Jillian Baker
  • Anonymous ‘Varsity Oarsman’
  • Anonymous ‘Participant’
  • Victoria (Dyer) Malyovanny ’04
  • Chris Garos ’03
  • Sherolyn & Matt Duckworth
  • Liesl Voges ’09
  • Elisa Szweda
  • Barb & Les Biesecker
  • Dr. and Mrs. Brent Mullins
  • Nancy Jones
  • Dr. Charles E. Ehrlich
  • Anne-Marie and Chris Walker
  • Richard and Patricia Strauss
  • Alexander Sullivan ’13
  • Geri Nicholson ’91
  • Jeff & Lucy Gaines
  • Rob Rotchadl
  • Travis Moore ’06
  • Julie Moore
  • Anonymous ‘Participant’


Also, thanks again to the donors from the 2016 50-50 Campaign who helped us start this tradition!

  • Geri Nicholson ’91
  • Travis Moore ’06
  • William Kelly
  • Lucy Hollander
  • Mark & Nancy McManus
  • Karin Soobert
  • Anonymous “Program Director”
  • Kelly and Cindy Crace
  • JT Blau ’08
  • Sarah King ’09
  • Barb & Les Biesecker
  • Anonymous “Campaign Leader”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Multiple PwC Employees
  • PwC Corporate Matching
  • Adobe Corporate Matching
  • AIG Corporate Matching
  • Kent Voges
  • Leslie Voges
  • Noelle Voges
  • Madeline Voges
  • Liesl Voges ’09
  • Sean Koebley ’08
  • Sarah Hazard
  • Victoria (Dyer) Malyovanny ’04
  • Suly Salazar
  • Pamela Watts
  • John & Iris White
  • Emma Cleary ’16
  • Chris Bennett ’10
  • Karen (Diehl) Yurish ’96
  • Anonymous “Varsity Oarsman”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Verizon Corporate Matching