Coach's Summary

Coach Summary 2009 Occoquan Sprints

To put it mildly, the day was gorgeous.  The wind was relaxed, the clouds were fluffy, and the sun enveloped everyone with an early spring warmth.  With such a setting, the team couldn’t help but race well and have fun.
The novice women entered an eight and a four (with some of the women double rowing).  The eight handled themselves well in their heat, placing 2nd out of 5, qualifying for the grand final.  Next, a few of the ladies hopped out of the eight and into a four just in time to place a respectable 3rd out of 6.  Then, without so much as a rest, they hopped back into the eight and placed 5th out of 6 in the Grand Finals, only getting bested by varsity crews.  Well done ladies!
The novice men entered an 8, and despite one broken seat and another ‘shoe slippage’ within the first 200 meters, managed to dust Maryland and UNC, and barely got edged out by Loyola and GMU in the Grand Finals.  Needless to say, the novice men are chomping at the bit for their next race.
The varsity women entered two fours, placing 2nd out of 6 (getting nudged out by one second) and 5th out of six, doing quite well against a field of mostly varsity crews.  Nice work!
The varsity men entered an eight and a four.  In the four, the men placed 5th out of 6 crews.  In the eight (with seven lightweights), the men placed 3rd out of 4 crews in the heat, trouncing VCU and staying within a respectable distance of UVa and Loyola.  In the Grand Finals they pushed their hardest but came up short, placing 6th place, but with a time well ahead of all crews in the petite finals.
A job well done all.  Ever onwards and upwards!

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