2013 May Alumni Spotlight

Veronica Lewis ’09

Current Location: Burlington, Vermont

Current Job: Assistant Director of Admission at Champlain College; MBA graduate program

202022_978159238957_381397809_oWhat does rowing mean to you?: 

I started rowing the first few weeks of school freshman year and I could not have imagined my 4 years at WM without the team. It was an integral part of everyday life—from the early morning practices (& beautiful sunrises!), team breakfasts after training, the dreaded erg season, training trips down south (in some very sketchy motels), blisters, all nighters during exam weeks, race season—but most importantly the camaraderie between not only your boat, but the entire team. I wish I had the opportunity to still incorporate rowing into my everyday routine, (but currently the erg is my only option) I never thought I’d miss the Chick so much!

What is your best rowing memory?: 

My best rowing memory is beating Grand Valley and coming in 1st at SIRAS freshman year with my novice 8. I remember walking through them seat by seat as we crossed the 1000m and had open water by the time we finished the race.  Montague, our coach at the time who hardly ever showed much emotion, was jumping up and down at the finish—and the entire boat got a personal handshake—so we knew we a done well! We were all so close, came to the college with little to no rowing experience and had such a successful season together, including placing 6th at Vails.