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2013 ACRA National Championships Regatta Preview

The American Collegiate Rowing Association’s National Championship is a relatively new regatta. However, it is well attended by club programs across the country. As such, it is becoming an important regatta for the Tribe who have shown recent success. Last year the ML4+ took bronze, and the W1X took Gold and Bronze. This year the Tribe will again be sending boats to Gainesville, Ga.

Men’s Novice:

The novice men rowed an 8+ at Dad Vails and advanced to semifinals.  There, these lightweights battled against heavyweights from powerhouses such as UVA and Purdue.  They look to build on that experience at ACRAs as they return to small boats.  They will be rowing a novice light 4+, an event they claimed at SIRAs by open water.  In their semifinal at 9:31 AM on Saturday they will face Rochester, Chicago, UCSB and Murray St.  They  need to finish in the top three to advance.

The novice men will also be entering a pair.  However, there is no formal MN2- event, so they will row up in the varsity M2- category at 9:42AM.  This is not the first time, as these boys raced against varsity competition at Rockett’s Landing earlier.  The top two crews in their heat will advance to the final, with the rest going to repechage.  Repechage is a common practice at large regattas.  It reshuffles the lower crews and gives them a change to race against new competition.  The top crews after “reps” will then advance to the later round after proving themselves in these additional races.

Novice Men’s Light 4+

Cox: Nic Querolo ’16

Stroke: Scott Klein ’15

3: Marshall Irby ’16

2: Adam Mullet ’15

Bow: Jack Bramley ’15

Men’s 2- (they are novices but racing in the varsity pair event)

Stroke: Jamal Usmani ’16

Bow: Martin Liu ’16
Varsity Women
The women’s team sent their WV4+ to semifinals at Dad Vails while W1X sculler Ashley Koontz took bronze.  Since the WV4+ were knocked out by varsity funded programs (while  ACRAs is for clubs), they will look to have an even stronger performance at this regatta.  They race in a semifinal at 11:16 AM and will need to beat three of the following crews to advance: Emory, VCU, Illinois, Oregon, Kansas St.
Ashley Koontz is not only coming off of a Vails medal, but won this event last year and looks to defend her title.  Additionally, the women will be entering a double, as Kate Kalaris and Tiara Jackson have been practicing for this regatta all month.  She races early at 8:07 and will need to finish third in her race against Case, Oregon and Vermont to make finals.
The W2X have automatically made it to finals due to limited entries.  They will race at 2:00 PM on Sunday and face UVA, Vanderbilt, and Portland.  Best of luck ladies!
Cox: Cathy Merrit
Bow: Jessica Beckett
2: Kate Nolan
3: Erin Brown
Stroke: Christine Laroche
Bow: Kate Kalaris
Stern: Tiara Jackson
Ashley Koontz

Varsity Men:

The varsity men are entering a light 4+.  This line up is a little different from Vails. This boat comprised of all senior rowers have put in a lot of work since Dad Vails.  With 2 practice a day leading up to the event, these are right at their pick of physical and technical prowess.  As a coach I am excited to bring this boat to ACRAs to really show off the W&M does have speed and can compete with the rest of them.  These Seniors are fully prepared to lay it all out on the course for one more chance to race in a Grand Final.  The will race at 11:02 AM on Friday and can advance with a top two finish against Minnesota, VCU, Washington U., and UNC.  If they fail to do that, they will have a second change in repechages.
MVL 4+
Cox: Emma Cleary
Stroke: Ryan Fliss
3: Connor Finch
2: Alex Sullivan
Bow: Jamie Lewis